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just going to get straight to the point:
Gear -
I'm using the marshall DSL 50 through a 4 x 12 cab (1960 eddition)
and recently i got a fender classic player jaguar
(this amp and that guitar sound top together by the way much better than my les paul)

What i'm after is a selection of around 4 effects pedals to use with the amp and fender.
I'm happy with the distortion i'm getting straight out of the amp.
what i do need is something that will give me extra overdrive/volume to help me cut through the mix when soloing.

The style of music my band play is heavily based on bands such classic rock blues oriented band like led zeppelin, ZZ top, Rival sons etc ...

i'm relatively new to single pedals as i've been stuck with multi effect units such as the boss GT-10 and the ME 70 but these aren't giving me the 'natural tone' i require.

If anyone has any idea as to what sort/type of pedals i will need gice us a shout ! i don't have a clue :/
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First and foremost get a tuner pedal. Korg Pitchblack is my recommendation.

Secondly, what effects from that MFX unit would you most likely see yourself using the most? Most people start off with the basics like a boost (like you said) and/or distortion, reverb, delay and maybe some modulation like a chorus or an octaver.
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Seymour Duncan Pickup booster would work well for the solo boost. Or maybe a TS-9 or something along those lines.
As has been said, what effects do you find yourself using most on the multi? That would be a good start.
But also tell us your budget and location as well as if you'd be willing to go used.
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+1 on the LPB-1; I absolutely adore that little thing. Very clean, full range boost, with a ton of output. I use it as a solo boost, or I keep it on at the end of my chain, to push my amp a little (or a lot). It's also only like $40, but it's built solid and good quality. It's inexpensive 'cuz it's simple.

Another boost/overdrive suggestion is the MXR Custom Badass (the overdrive or the distortion). This series is extremely transparent, has a ton of output, and the distortion has a lot of gain on tap if you want that option. People like to rag on this pedal a lot, but try it- I love it.

Another bread and butter effect is a reverb/delay. The BOSS DD-3 is a solid digital delay- crystal clear, but not plinky and dead, and it's simple to use. If you want to go analog, the MXR Carbon Copy is pretty solid, too.

As for the others, what are you looking for? Wah, modulation, pitch effects?
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thanks for replying !
it sounds like a tuner, boost and reverb should be the main pedals i check out first so i'll give them a whirl ...
I was also thinking about something like a fuzz effect ? maybe like the guitarist from the black keys uses ?
would i be able to run that through my distortion channel on the amp or would it have to be going through the clean setting ?
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Well Ive ran a Big Muff Pie through the Distortion and Clean channel of my amp(DSL100) and personally, I could never get a sound I liked out of it. Using the overdrive channel, it worked great as a solo, bass, and sustain booster. On the clean channel it sounded like a fuzz. I never was a big fan of fuzzes. Still dont know why I bought it..

Glad you like the Jag though. Ive been thinking of getting one myself.
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A Big Muff Pi would be the same pedal as the guy from Black Keys- I have one, and I love it. Definitely go for a Muff, if you can.

You can run it through your drive channel, but I wouldn't, unless the gain is set really low. I use it on my clean channel for riffing/rhythm playing, and I use an overdrive after it in the chain to add in some mids for soloing (the same overdrive I use in front of my amp as a solo boost for that).
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^also, on the reverb- run it through your effects loop, if you have one. you don't really need to switch it on/off (in most cases), so you can use shorter cables and leave it on top of/next to/in the back of your amp while you play.
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Delay! In the loop, preferably.
EQ pedal for solo boosts, put that in the loop too.
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Hi there,

A couple of day ago I bought

I'm actually very impressed. I'm using it through effects loop on my tube amp. So this gives me a lot of variations of delays, reverbs and modulation effects. I don't use overdrives and distortions from it, as I like the tone I get from my amp. I can really recomend to test it, you won't get disapointed!
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you need a wah, definitely. check out the jiimi hendrix and jerry cantrell signature crybabys. And the 535q crybaby
also, a delay pedal.
a boss TU-3 or korg pitchblack.
I actually like the reverb on the DSL
and maybe an EQ pedal as a boost.