I like it. "Audio Jungle" keeps repeating itself through the whole vid though. Annoying. I did think the transition at 1:40 was a bit awk.
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I like it. "Audio Jungle" keeps repeating itself through the whole vid though. Annoying. I did think the transition at 1:40 was a bit awk.


Nothing much I can do about the voiceover, if I'm selling it on AudioJungle I can't upload it without the watermark on other sites. Kinda shucks but oh well.

Definitely see what you mean about the transition, listening to it reaaally made me want to go back and redo it.
Like Zakkcd said - the ''vocals'' on this one are really annoying. Other than that it was really nice, I love epic orchestral pieces. Check out Hans Zimmer if you haven't, his stuff inspires me everytime I listen to it. Every soundtrack he makes is like a stand-alone album, the movies themselves aren't necessary to enjoy the music. It would be interesting to know what software you used for this. I can see this piece fitting nicely in some badass strategy game like Starcraft 2.

Once again, nothing I can do about that so I'm not really sure why you're pointing that out. Software used includes EWQL: Symphonic Orchestra and Stormdrums as well as Symphobia and of course various fx plugins!
Yes the female talking is annoying. You can post music on soundclick.com, and sell it also if you wish with out the annoying vocal. I guess it would be more prone to piracy though. Anyway, the orchestral music sounds very nice, nice melodies. Nice audio. Please review my music at this link:

Apologies I took a while to return the C4C.

This is seriously good stuff! If I was to make a film, I'd want this. Definitely the right kind of feel, plenty of drama.

The transition at 1:40 would maybe have sounded much more natural if it didn't fade back in so quickly.

After a few listens I could listen past the watermark, thankfully.

Really catchy main melody, but I think if it repeated for any longer it would have been too much.

I can't comment on the mix much with these cheap headphones, but it sounds spot on. All very nice and full, but also enough dynamics.
Sounds Ok. But it would sound even better if it was accompanied with some related video, like knights, or anything from middle ages. It is simple to get 2min of such material from other youtube videos (history channel for example,or battle scenes from so many movies)

Here is my audiojungle stuff:

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i like the rhythm you have going with the cello/brass. really makes it heavy, it's something i struggle with when i try to do symphonic stuff. the orchestration is great. i think maybe the legato ascending line for strings on the left side could be articulated a little bit better.

good stuff. could see it being used in a film, but is interesting enough to listen on its own for sure.

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Good composition, I'd work on the production a bit though since the mixing could be better. The brass is really heavy and I dig that quite a bit. The AudioJungle is annoying for sure but I understand your point about the watermark. The percussion is really sweet, massive drum sound. Overall good job, I'd like to see it being used in a film or even a video game or something

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