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I have been playing for 8 years now and I realized a few weeks ago that I was playing with my thumb above the neck the whole time. I know proper technique is to keep the thumb behind the neck, I tried adjusting to that but it isn't easy.

Should I just stick with what i'm doing now? I know I have been making progress because I learned how to sweep recently and got it down pretty good, something I never could do before. I can also alternate pick a lot faster then I could 6 months ago.
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Yeah. The ergonomics of having the thumb behind the neck instead of around it are much better. You can reach much farther and use your pinky a lot more.
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I'd suggest it, yeah. That said I've never not used my thumb the latter way.
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It really depends on if its limiting you in any way. Many many professional guitarists have "flawed" technique by the book standard but it doesn't hold them back.

Since you noted you are progressing into more technical playing, I would suggest trying to focus on keeping your thumb behind the neck, doesn't have to be classic textbook "tip of the thumb" technique, but it'll make it a lot easier to play and give your wrist a little break (hoping you play with your strap at a reasonable height).