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Don't know about getting the images to show, so you have to click on the attachments to see them.
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first is probably more correct, but i learned it from a friend using - Em7/D (Ex1) and Em/D (ex2)
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You're seriously asking for advise on the most over tabbed song in history? Didn't you ever see Wayne's World
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Quote by Jay McAllister
Don't know about getting the images to show, so you have to click on the attachments to see them.
The only way to put images in a post is from an "image location" read "web address"
. So you need a photo sharing account such as Flickr or photobucket, to post your personal photos, or simply a web image to insert.

Upload you photos to your account, (or find a photo on the web you'd like to insert). Right click on the photo you want to post, and select "copy image location" in the context menu. Go to your posting text box, and paste the image location (URL) into it. Select the entire image address, (click down just in front of it, and draw the mouse across it) , then click on the 5th icon from the right above the post text box. It looks like a postcard. You'll see "" appear before and after the image address. When you make the post the image will be in it. You can hit "preview post":, if you've got it right, you image will appear in the preview box. (Make sure you haven't selected any spaces at either end of the address, or it won't work).

Here's a picture form "Adirondack Guitar's" website.


If you try and quote this post, you'll see the image address appear in text form, within the brackets.

Here's th entire web page to the guitar: http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/crafter/12_string_hybrid.htm Notice that each image on a web page has its own URL (address).

As for that part of "Stairway", I just pick up a 12 string and play C .............G, D, C, D.

It's probably not absolutely accurate, but it reasonably close, and those big open chords serve to give a nice bight, major sound.

Besides, no two people play Stairway the same anyway....
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