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my new tubes are a pair of JJ ECC83S . i just dont like the sound with both of them in there.
Cath, thanks for the info on V1 & V2 - that's what was throwing me.
the new tube in V1 & the old tube in V2 is giving me the best sound so far.
i read an old thread on that said chinese tubes were stock on the MP1 and that a tube called "nationals" were a good replacement. has anyone heard of them ?
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National are an old American tube. They are a very good tube but so are any number of those old tubes. Basically, those old NOS tubes from America, Britain, Western Europe and Australia wipe the floor with anything made today. The only old tubes that aren't miles better are the old Russian ones and even some of those are better than modern ones.
If you are intending to go NOS that's a whole new shooting match.
I've told you what to buy - JJ ECC803

Older Chinese tubes are garbage. It was only recently that Sino (Shuguang) tubes became competitive with other modern tubes in terms of quality and even then you have to be careful which ones you buy. The Shuguang 12AX7C is a fine tube whereas 12AX7A and 12AX7B are junk.
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