I'm looking for something to record with, and not a mere practice amp.

Budget: Between £200-400

Genres: I pretty much need an amp which can handle a wide variety of styles, and sounds good clean and distorted.

I need to be able to record at a low volume to prevent a backlash from the neighbours, so low volume / high gain would be ideal.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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will it still maintain its tone at low volume levels? I want to be able to record without annoying the family, neighbours, pets etc.

Btw, what is your opinion of the Blackstar HT1R?
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Yes. The whole idea of the Vypyr Tube is to keep low volume tones good and it can EASILY keep up with a band.

Blackstar HTs are hybrid. I forget which part is solid-state. I think they have some tasty tones but the cleans like a LOT to be desired. It's also only one watt; now I realize wattage doesn't dictate volume but that thing is going to REALLY struggle in a small band practice situation, let a lone a gig.

I'm also assuming that you'll want to gig/be in a band at some point, hence my Vypyr suggestion.

If not and you just want to record and play at home, a Line6 POD 2.0 and a small powered speaker would do the trick quite nicely.