I got a 7 string classical guitar made in Russia in 2011 I think in city of Perm.
The thing is that I have no clue about guitars...
I really want to learn to play a guitar,and a Russian 7 string one not the 6 string guitar.
So I can't find chords for the 7 string anywhere,and what is the main difference between 6 and 7 string guitar except it has 1 string more,what is so special about that 1 string?
So if someone could help me,give me some tutorial(what should I know about Russian guitar and what should I expect hard/easy) I would be more than grateful and chords for 7 string like a picture or smth similar a chart.
I am starting to learn how to play a guitar as of today.
The main difference with the Russian guitar is that it is traditionally tuned to (from low to high) DGBDGBD, which makes an open G chord, which is very similar to the standard tuning for 5 string banjo and dobro. This allows a number of chords to be played a bit more easily than standard tuning.

Make sure that if you search for lessons or chord charts on the internet, searching for "Russian guitar" instead of "seven string guitar" should make it easier to find what you are looking for. That being said, there aren't a ton of resources for Russian guitar, so if worse comes to worse, you can always try searching for open G banjo or dobro chords, and adapt them to the similarly tuned Russian guitar.
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It will probably REALLY help if you learn how to build chords using theory at some point down the line as well. that way you wont just be remembering shapes youll be able to pretty much do whatever you like. And with knowledge of how its tuned and where all the notes lay chromatically on the neck youll be like a freaking maestro haha jk but yeah search around liek that other poster said