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Hi, new to the forum so sorry if this is has been covered.

My main guitar live is a gibson les paul traditional, i'm looking to change out the stock gibson '57 pups for some higher output ones.

my band has a heavy punk/ ska punk sound so a mixture of clean ska and higher gain riffs.

Can anyone recommend a decent bridge humbucker that suits a les paul, providing a tight gritty distortion but can also be cleaned up easily. Plus a decent neck pup to pair well with it. duncan distortion and a JB or Jazz? a set of bare knuckles? etc

Thanks guys.
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Duncan JB's are crap.

Get Bareknuckles. Although Classic 57's are damn good pickups.
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Quote by T00DEEPBLUE
Duncan JB's are crap.

Get Bareknuckles. Although Classic 57's are damn good pickups.

JB's are very good pickups in the right guitars. And everyone's ears like different tones. You can also swap the magnet out to tame the tone if you're not fond of how shrill it is.

TC, I do agree that the 57's are very good pickups, but the JB and Jazz are also a good combo. The Duncan Custom may be better for you, as the JB is very hit or miss. I had to experiment a few years ago with it and depending on the guitar and your taste, you can love it or hate it. You could also give the Screamin' Demon a shot. Despite its name, it is actually more towards a lower output humbucker, but you can still get the muscle from it you need with a decent amount of gain.

I'm not too familiar with the bareknuckles, so I can't really give any input there
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I don't like JBs in LP style guitars. They tend to be too bright and thin.

The Jazz is a nice neck pickup, you could pair it with a Custom Custom or a Custom 5 for a higher output bridge pickup.