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what is a good training exercise power chords in standard tuning?

I can do power chords like

e --3----1
a --5----3
d --5----3

But I cant do this


so what is a good exercise to do that jump to the strings below??
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Just keep practicing making that jump. If you can't do it cleanly then slow down to a speed that you can and slowly bring it back up to tempo. Practice is the key to mastering any technique.
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1.Do the second thing 100 times in a row (as fast as you can do it perfectly), without a break.
2.Then, take a break.
3.Do it another 100 times.
4.Take a break.
Repeat steps 3. and 4. until you can't feel your left hand anymore.
5. Go to sleep.
6. Wake up, take the guitar and notice all the cool power chords you can play.
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OH, youre tabs are upside down lol. I see now- yeah what J-Dawg said, go slow and repeat repeat repeat, but make sure you do it right. You wont gain any muscle memory doing it wrong. Once it becomes second nature (like breathing or holding an open G chord), all will be fine.