Free from the confines of uni, with a soldering iron in hand i felt like building something fun! I had previously built a GGG Fuzz Face (recently fitted with germanium trannies FYI) so i thought id have another go... putting in a bit more effort this time.

So i introduce: Dr. Octafuzz

A tycobrahe octavia clone, made from the GGG PCB, but sourced all the components elsewhere (within the UK to save me from import tax).

Did i hear someone say GUTSHOTS? No? Well here's some anyway!
(from just before i got it working, turns out i had the input jack wired backwards)

A pretty nasty box of dirt (in a good way), with knobs for Volume, Intensity, and Pre-Gain. The Pre-Gain is great for dialing in more of the overtones.
Footswiches for bypass and to turn the octave one/off.

Sounds straight up awesome in to my Cornell Romany, already dirty. I keep the Octafuzz quite clean, but the pre-gain nearly full. With the octave side disengaged, it actually makes quite a nice boost/overdrive, not overly fuzz, but once you kick in the octave, it screams.
Perfect for Jack White sort of sounds, and of course a bit of Hendrix.

This project has been quite some time in the making, bought most of the parts in July, but realized i was short by one Diode! I then ordered another, which was sent by accident to my previous address, and has since appeared to have dissapeared!
I blame vengeful landlords still bitter over the TDS dispute, but i digress. But here i am, three months later, with a kickass pedal.

I still owe people clips of my Romany in Action, so i guarantee, they are coming, as are clips of this box of ugly beauty.
For now, i will just offer lots of pictures.

Very bright green LED's

As you can see, i put a lot more effort in to this than my previous pedal, the 'Mother Fuzzer'

On another note, also loaded up my Romany with some nice new (old) tubes. Got a Phillips 6L6WGB in the Power amp, and just put a Mullard NOS 12AT7 in the reverb return. Also stuck an RFT in the reverb send.
And i have to say, it's made a huge difference, it's evident the old JJ's in there were on their way out. The verb is so much warmer and more pronounced now.
Still got the JJ 12ax7 in the preamp that it came with, which seems to be doing the job for now! It does the job, and sounds great.

Anyway, thank you for reading, hope you like the pedal!
Oh God the octopus is staring into my soul...

Very cool pedal, HNDIYPD!

When you said tentacle content i must admit i had some reservations about clicking

in other news, looks like a pretty cool pedal dude
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