well i was just looking through the local ebay-thing, when something caught my eye:
and old fender quad reverb for (atm) only about 200€!
the quad is just the same as the twin reverb only it has 4 speakers already built in (i know, not very practical)
the problem is that the guy who sells it doesn't even know if it is still working because he apparently doesn't have a guitar, the only thing he could tell me was that there is hum if you turn it up.
So i'm tempted to buy it because i think i would be able to fix it, I mean i am no expert at all, but at least i've already buildt an amp (ax84 p1).

well now my questions: i will probably visit him tomorrow to try the amp out, what are things i can check on the amp (apart from plugging in) without a multimeter (i'm currently at the place i study and mine is at home); what could typical problems be?
and how much is a quad reverb normaly worth? On ebay are currently 4 listed all with prices over 1000$, which seems a bit too much to me....

maybe i'm also looking for just a bit of encouragment
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I thought it was called a Super Reverb?
Honestly, it seems too good to be true. Although, if you're going to try it out, I suppose there's no harm.
Go ahead and try it, if you like it, go for it.
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