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Ok I what a humbucker on my stratocaster in the bridge. I can't pick between a seymour duncan JB Model SH-4 or single coil size hotrails. Which do you prefer?
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'better' is super subjective, but I'd go with the full sized humbucker if I was doing it

Yeah your right is that better. Ok I just don't know how hard it will be to cut the pick gard so it will fit.
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You could try a HSS pickguard and then route accordingly
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seymore duncane JB Jr. are nice p-ups my guitar teacher has a set in his strat. they sound really nice and are very versitile. basicly a JB in a single coil size it think
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humbucker....the jb jnrs are good but never seem to quite get the humbucker tone. Go for a white hum as well because black in a white pickguard look shite