Wow, just Wow to that Album cover...fixated much?
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Nice, I liked this. The instrumental performance was way better though. I think the screams need some work, and the cleans need a lot of work. Also, I don't think the cleans need that effect on, but that's just preference I guess. Production-wise there's not much I could say, except maybe I'd lower the volume on the vocals just a little bit. 4:13 is my favorite part, it sounds really badass for some reason.

Woah! This one's quite close the flawless. At some points when a chug follows with a tiny break, you could've cut the ends of the guitars just to add some evenness. The kick just isn't my piece of cake, but the mixing is just perfect to my ears other than those I'm just personally not a fan of the vocals, but there's nothing wrong with them


All crits appreciated!