Hey what's up METALHEADS!!!! Come check out my Traditional Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band "Breakneck Pace". We formed back in January 2012. We're from West Chester, Ohio, and have a demo coming out tomorrow (digitally)!!!! Entitled "Immortal" and it will get you to headbang until your head falls off! If you love bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Motorhead then you will freaking love us for sure! We are looking to really start gigging here soon and we need to gain some more exposure.

Check us out on our websites!!!


Main Rig:

1. Customized "Silver Bullet" Gibson SG
2. Marshall MG Halfstack
3. SXB Pedalboard
4. MXR EQ Pedal
5. Boss V-Wah Pedal

Music Is You.
Music Is Me.
Music Is All Around Us.
Music Allows Us To Be Free.