You looked at her through a mirror
Eyes glazed, reflecting empty thoughts
its been days now and that room does dull
"I've seen it all" you yell
weeks now even, still stuck in your own hell

Walking aimlessly among petty folk
Stuck up, arrogant
you attempt to voice but only choke

How long has it been now?
years it feels like
a sentence drawn out with no judge
just notches on the wall

Every time you raised your hand
it never quite scraped the surface
Hold you breath for me now
We're going under

Still pond, so fake
an undertow stronger then any rip
leaving trails of childhood desires in its wake
"I felt sane" she said
"I felt the same" she wept

Dawn breaks once again
the light filters through the bars
how long has it been now?
"One to many" she said "One to many"

Holes in her arms now lessen, no life lessons
She stares blankly at that wall with notches
gets up and moves to the mirror
eyes no longer glazed
though they have no focus

Bound for a better place
no jog in her memory
once again dull

her own mind was the four by four
No windows, No walls