Hello, I have an original Gibson 1930's Kalamazoo. It has an authentication letter, which alone is worth over $100. The letter authenticates the guitar, and contains info about it, the name of where it was made, and a phone number and signature to prove it's the real deal.

The guitar itself is in decent shape for being from the 30's. It has some paint loss in places, the logo is slightly worn off, and there is a small amount of body separation from the sides of the body and the top of the body which actually isn't a tough fix. (I'm a guitar luthier, and I could easily repair this myself, I just haven 't yet.) t's all original, including the 4 remaining strings on it.

I'm looking to sell it, and figure out it's value. From what I know it should be worth $1000-$1500 depending on the buyer. I'll have better photos of it soon, and if you have any significant info on the guitar or any interest in buying it, please email me: rickydekker@comcast.net rather than replying on the forum. I'm loking to get it sold ASAP.

Any help, info, and interest helps! Thanks!

Here are a few rough photos. (photobucket links)

my husband has a different model 1936 kalamazoo in good condition with a couple stable cracks, excellent playability and tone. no separation, frets are in good shape, no significant wear on the logo or headstock. we paid $1649 for it, which we knew was a little on the high side, but it was the best of several we've seen. the dealers i've talked with generally sell them for between $1000 and $1500, but exactly how much yours is worth depends on condition, whether it will need substantial work, etc. the body being slightly separated would lower the value, but you never know what a buyer might pay. the letter wouldn't be worth anything to me, but maybe someone else would find it useful. gibson didn't have serial numbers back then, and the numbers they did use they didn't keep track of well (i called gibson and asked) and the rest you can find out online. as i understand it, kalamazoos were pretty much all made in the same factory at any given time as one another, so it's pretty easy to figure out where it was made ;-)

is the tailpiece original? the pics make it look pretty shiny to be that old...
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I just asked the owner (my friend) and apparently the only non-original part is the bridge, which is from another 1930's Gibson.
But if I throw it on Ebay after it's repaired, do you think it'll sell for over $1200?
very possibly, but it will depend a bit on your listing and the luck of the draw. good well-lit pics, straightforward and informative listings are how i make my best sales when i sell my guitars. it's also what makes me consider a guitar on ebay.

you might find some handy links to find more info about your guitar here
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
Well, I'm a photographer, so good photos aren't a problem at all. I'll also scan the letter of authenticity, and be as informative about the guitar as possible. If I can get over a grand for it I'll do it, so putting it on Ebay seems like I'll get good luck or possibly even better?
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Well, I'm a photographer, so good photos aren't a problem at all.
Well then,you might consider slapping a polarizing filter on the lens , and/or moving the angle of the lights to kill the reflections, and blown out highlights. But above all, photograph it on pretty much any other color but white. That's a stupid amount of contrast, and the brightness value draws your eye toward the edge of the frame. Jus' sayin'.
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I didn't take those photos, trust me! Haha it's at a friends house and he took those photos with a cell phone. Here's a pic of one of my guitars... they'll look like this once I take the photos:
Ah, much better.....
But basically- It's a friends and he is willing to trade me about $500 worth of photography gear for this Gibson. And the only reason I'm considering it is to turn right back around and sell it. Can anyone think of any reason that it wouldn't sell for over a grand?
you just never know. i know a local store that's had one for sale for over a year, yet the one my husband bought had someone else interested when we bought it. why not keep an eye here
for a few days and see what sells? i see there's no offers on a kalamazoo starting at $849, there's a few like yours - seeing what they sell for for would be handy if they sell. there's a flat top that's only up to 4 something with 14 bids. if there's a way to search recently sold items (there used to be but i can't find it now) that might give you a frame of reference.
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Hmm... I'm supposed to drive an hour to go pick it up tonight... I'm considering not getting it now. But if I get get more out of it than I put into getting it, I'll do it.