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So tomorrow I'm probably going to be getting one of these. However I could get either a regular special with the gloss finish or a faded (both in red/cherry). The faded is a bit cheaper and I think I prefer the feel of the satin neck but are there any other differences?
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Have you tried them out yet? If not, I would recommend playing both on the same amp and look at what feels and plays best to you, and wether it is worth the price difference.

As far as I know there is not a big difference in quality, but I'm not an expert.
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Yeah I've tried both of them out. Though they're not in the same store so I tried them on different amps. I think they sounded about the same, I'll play the faded one again tomorrow and make sure.
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I would get the faded just because I prefer its look :P
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Does one of them have P90s if its the series of SG I think it is then one of them should and that's the one you should get then mail it to me!!

Jokes aside, put playability and tone before the finish because honestly if you really want to you can change any guitars finish and as long as you aren't coating it with a 1/4 inch of polyurethane paint it wont affect your tone.

As for the sating neck you can easily take that off any guitar simply by wrapping some tape around the top and bottom of the neck of the guitar marking of a section you want to make satin and simply rub some steel wool lightly over the neck and it will start to scratch and haze this is the clear coat coming off, stop when the base color of the guitar all has a light white haze to it and then polish it with a fine cut polish and a soft rag (by hand) this will remove the white haze and restore the original base coat (provided you didn't steel wool through it :P) you will now have a satin feel to your neck, and I agree with you it does feel better, I find lacquer on the back of a neck can be really sticky if you have sweaty palms.
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