I have a 15 watt amp and it doesn't process my stompboxes well.
For example, my octaver has a delay, my distortion sounds like a dirty synth bass distortion, and my Big muff sounds too "Muffed".

I'm planning to play at gigs (medium to outdoor venues) and I record in my bedroom.
So, I was wondering how many watts I need to have my stompboxes process well.
Also, can you give me recommendations on which amps I should get.
I play blues, jazz, post-grunge, avant-garde, and alternative.
My stomp boxes sound great through either a 5-watt or a 10-watt amp (which i have turned down to 1/10 of a watt most of the time).

I'm sure wattage counts for nothing in these regards, what amp is it you have?
Answer the questions in the thread I linked. Otherwise this thread will fade away with no actual answers given.

Your question 'how many watts are needed to process my pedals well' is based on misinformation; it's not about watts, it's about the quality of the amp.
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Not hatin' on ya but if your serious about the amp being a cheap-o practice one that is definitely the issue. I use both a 15W Marshall Haze and a 5W Tubemeister and both take my pedals amazingly. Solid State amps tend to dislike pedals sometimes, I had this issue with a Fender Mustang and unfortunately had to return it as it did not like two of my pedals that contributed to a lot of my tone.
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