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That is, New POD Day

Just picked up a POD xt Pro (used) from the local guitar store. I've only just started playing with this thing a little bit, so I can't really give a good review. I got the POD, and an FBV Express Mk II to control it. Both were used, and in great shape. I know (have met) the old owner in the guitar shop a few times. He had it mounted in a small table top rack unit, and took very good care of it overall. As I use it and play with it a bit, I find myself with more questions about it than answers though.

I downloaded the manual for both items from the Line 6 website, and have just started learning how to use it. So far, it's a pretty cool little new (used) toy for me. I've been running the guitar into the front "guitar in" and a line out from the front "headphone" jack out to an amp. This way I can run through all the settings and try them out. Eventually I need to get a few more cables so I can actually wire it all up properly. I was planning on getting a new computer desk soon and decided I'd get the little one from Guitar Center, because it will also accomodate 4 rackmount devices.

I do have a few questions I hope someone here can help me with until I read more about it in the manual (oh god I hate reading manuals ). I went to the Line 6 website to download the manuals as well as any software/drivers that I may need to operate this thing. Now I have a few small programs but I'm not sure which is needed, if any. Can someone please tell me what software comes with one of these usually? What the software does? I have a programs called "POD Farm" (v2.55), Gear Box (v3.72), and drivers for the POD xt Pro as well as "Line 6 Monkey", and "Line 6 License Manager" Are any of thses NEEDED? And last, can I use my computer to program settings in the unit?

Now for a few pics...

So far, of what I've heard from it, it's a really cool new toy....lot's of different sound options as far as Amp and pedal models. And the ability to make user programmed ones will come in handy for switching sounds when practicing. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. The POD cost me $250.00 US and the FBV was another $50.00. Not the best deal on one that I've seen, but I kinda liked knowing the previous owner as he takes good care of his gear.
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