Hey, well as my title already say, please help me with my first acoustic guitar for fingerstyle. Well its not really my first because i have gotten a Seagull S6 Original Slim for 4 days and i ended up not liking the sound of it.

My budget is a good 350-400$ CDN.

Example of sound:

Sungha Jung - 2NE1 Ugly/Lonely (it wont let me put link lol)

I have asked and i know that his guitar is at least 4500$. Please don't misunderstand i'm not asking nor hopeing to have a guitar 100% the same as his. Im just showing you the kind of sound I want, even if its not 100% but u know as close as it can get with my budget.

Thanks For All The Help

Please be nice with the reply's, im a beginner so correct me if i am wrong.
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I would counsel saving up just a bit more money to put your "look at" range more towards 500 dollars.
That will get you out of the "entry level" range and into some nicer instruments.
As to what to look for... I won't give you specific models.
But generally, fingerstyle players like a wider neck, and smaller-bodied (OOO, OM, "Folk") guitars for a more balanced tone.
They typical larger guitar tends to be rather bass-heavy. (Not that many fingerpickers don't play 'em...)
Several manufacturers designate some models as "fingerstyle" guitars.
well, it is my starter guitar so i dont want to put over 400 dollar for a guitar, Seagull S6 Original Slim is a great fingerstyle guitar but i dont like that bass on it so, i had no choice to return it and look for a brighter one like the sound in the video.

I know that Yamaha is great known for a brighter sound but i don't know which one is good. so if you know please let me know or if you have other brand that is close to the sound i want, i would appreciate it also.

I'm going to the Long & McQuade (Canada Musical Instrument Company, for those who don't know) this week so i hope to get as many recommend and advice and i can try all the one everyone suggest.

btw anyone know the different between acoustic electric and normal acoustic? and does cutaway on a guitar effect its sound due to the part thats been cut off?
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when I was looking for a new guitar (I ended up buying a Taylor GS Mini) I looked at several in this range, like this Yamaha model:
It was very nice...
Yamaha has a lot of instruments similar to this at lower prices; they are generally well made and considered good starter instruments.
ahh okay, i'll remember to check it out this week, anyone else have any other recommended??