my tempo is 240 at the moment but i only want the emphasis on the first beat but i cant find it, what tempo is the same as 240 but only the first beat,
(I know this is extremely vague)
the 240 is the right tempo but i only want the 1 beat instead of the 123? if that makes sense?
Is there any way i can slow it down to have the first beat of 240?
That doesn't really make sense. You want the tempo to be 240, but you want it slowed down? Do you meanYou want to change the time signature so there's only one beat per measure?
Dunno what DAW you use, but reaper lets you set the volume of the first click and the remaining ones separately so you could mute the non downbeats. Check your DAW's preferences.
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So you just want your metronome to click once per bar?

I'd have thought that was fairly simple maths - assuming you're playing in 4/4 time you'd just divide the 240 by 4 and get your answer. Try setting the metronome at 60bpm and see if it acts how you want it to.
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What Gary said, but you appear to be in 3/4 so it would be 80bpm.
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