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So I stumbled across this the other day

Has anybody had any experience with these? I need a real basic interface just to get my mic signal to my PC with reasonable quality.

I can't buy this exact cable, as it's only on Thomann, and they'll charge me £10 postage, doubling the price, but are there other similar cables that I can order which will give me a good result?
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Waste of money. Any of those cable like things never have any quality.
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Quote by TheKraken
I need a real basic interface just to get my mic signal to my PC with reasonable quality.

Then go read the interface sticky....
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the conversion would likely be terrible, but if it's all you have...
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False economy.

They're very handy but the quality is pretty poor and they can only handle dynamic mics.

Just go on Gumtree/eBay and try and pick up a used USB interface for £30 or so.