First, a nice instrumental track, and some nice metalcore-ish riffings in it!
There are some mistakes, the sound is overall good, but theres much room for improvement, you could make the drums more interesting, a few more fills would be a great addition.

For audio quality it has somehow a "st. anger" style,, really raw and unprocessed, you could make your guitar sound a lot sharper, and i personally missed the bass guitar

overall a nice track, but it could still use some work production wise

It would be great if you can crit my song:
First of all, you have some awesome riffs in there. I'm not a fan of metalcore due to it being so repetitive, but when the guitars are so tight and harmonized, it sounds really cool. I'd agree with thunderhans that the production needs some work. Why no bass guitar? It would add much to it. My favorite part is probably at 1:39, but the part at 1:55 is obviously out of tune, so I'd suggest re-recording it. Other than that it's a nice track, again, I think it's a bit repetitive so it would probably sound really nice with some vocals, but that's just me

A bass guitar would fill up the mix quite a lot The kick could have a little more treble on the EQ, idk what's wrong with the guitars, but the sound a bit thin to me again, a bass would pump them up more than you'd think! To be completely honest, the snare sounds like shit, but I know that were all on different budgets and so. I know for a fact that my snare sounded like shit at first maby try a different sample? (assuming that it's a vst or something) Good riffs after all!


All crits appreciated!
Good riff at 50 seconds or so - and throughout the song to be fair. Guitar tone needs more high frequencies to stand out more. As well as the above-mentioned tuning issue there's a short section at around 2:50 that goes out. It needs to be developed structurally, as you probably know. I think it would be worth doing so. So far it makes a good part of a song. You just need the rest of the song.

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