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No socks
7 4%
Ankle/low cut
76 40%
48 25%
Over the calf
14 7%
I wear socks on my dick
44 23%
Voters: 189.
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Oh and on a side note, there is a considerable market for worn men's (more for women's of course) dress socks on ebay. I don't know why but you can make like $15 doing it, and maybe the buyer will just ask for a pic or two of your feet without the socks and tell you not to even send them.

maybe that might happen...or it could...or it did...to me...seriously, that actually happened. I posted the ad for a laugh and it just got weirder and weirder but in an entertaining way.
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Boyfriend by JBiebs is better than all of Cream's combined discography. Cream was so shitty, they're best known for covering some obscure blues guitarist from the 20s.
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Vs thered?

This takes Vs threads to the next level.
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I generally like not wearing socks, even with sneakers, but I think I want to start wearing knee high socks because it's more feminine. Maybe a scarf as well.
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Boyfriend by JBiebs is better than all of Cream's combined discography. Cream was so shitty, they're best known for covering some obscure blues guitarist from the 20s.

Not sure if serious.
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Not sure if serious.

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Don't wear any cuz I wear penny loafers. I mean, unless I'm dressing up.
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i could be wearing socks up to my nipples and most days you wouldnt be able to tell the difference anyways. I wear jeans, like a normal person. I suppose I wear crew socks. I get a nice thick, quality warm sock for the winter, since I normally wear shitty adidas shoes and my feet would probably get cold if I wore those ankle sock thingies. Plus they feel weird. I only wear them if I'm wearing shorts, because pushed down crew socks w/ shorts looks lame as hell.
i'm lucky if i can even find a matching pair in my house.
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Ankle/low cut. Don't really know why. Higher socks just annoy the shit out of my legs when they tug on my leg hair.

Generally this, except when it gets cold out I intend to wear my longer socks.
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Usually ankle, but I had to wear crew socks at my last job, so I now have like 80 bajillion pairs of crew socks.
depends on my outfit: sockettes, higher for boots, hosiery, or in summer nothing
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