I just started playing the Acoustic Guitar. While I was browsing the internet for chords and such. I found this website.
They had a lot of lessons that were offered for the beginners.
Right now my problem is... Where do I start? I know the basic chords from Major to Minor.
Well the first thing is to decide where you want to go. If you want to strum your guitar and sing along that's one thing, if you want to playalonga Metalcore that's another, if you want to go classical that's another. In the end playing the guitar is just playing the guitar, but if you're starting out you'll need to have something to keep you interested so targeting your practice to whatever it is you want to do will be more satisfying.

So what's your pleasure?
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The basic starting chords are A, D, E, G, and C.

If you can get a teacher then that'll be better. You'll learn more in one lesson then you could in two months.
I think the best thing you can do is get to know your chords, practice switching between them and get a feeling for your guitar. Also you'll want to learn some basic scales. You need a good grounding and you have a long way to go before you find your sound. A very long way. Good luck with it
GEt a lists of the songs that you want to then familiarized its chords and lyrics then the rythm of the song. That is what I'm doing with regards on learning the guitar.
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Ive not been playing the guitar for long (approx 9 months) and have attempted a mixture of the recommendations above. I find it quite addictive and although many have suggested lessons to me I am reluctant mostly due to finances, but secondly that I want to just enjoy my guitar and not feel that I need to learn something. I find that every 6 weeks or so I seem to take a small step up.

My main enjoyment is searching for songs that I like and getting a tune out of it that actually sounds something similar to the song for me. Surely thats one of the main aims unless you plan to do it professionally. Personally I'd love to develop my own style and play something similar to Mark Knopfler in many many years. Heres hoping that practice is rewarded.