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which Cab in your opinion is overall better? it will be matched with either a jcm800 or vintage modern head. mainly play hard rock
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The 1960AHW. Don't know what the Hand Wired part is all about though - it's just a speaker cabinet. They love throwing that term around don't they? It's lost all meaning.

OK, the HW actually means that it's running G12H30 drivers instead of G12T75's. That should be nice with a JCM800. V30's (the 1960AV) are all wrong for a JCM800.
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I like the 1960TV cab the best. they use Greenbacks and the cab is oversized so you get a great low-end.
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i thought the handwired used made-in-england (so, basically heritage, right?) greenbacks? so if prices are equal, go with that one.
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