Hi, guys!
My name is Natalia and I am from Belarus!
I would like to ask you for some help!
I have a dream, and it is Orange OR50 amplifier.
We play stoner/doom with guys. I have already sold a guitar and half pelalboard. I use my friends' guitar for now. But still I am 200$ away from the amplifier of my dream.
I study at the university, have to pay for my classes, I do my best to work and earn money at my spare time, but the money is still not enough.
I call for your help. Whatever you can contribute, even a dollar will help me to get closer to my dream.
Unfortunately, here in Belarus we can only use WebMoney for international payments. If you are ready to help me, please write to the personal messages and I'll provide you with the payment details in personal.

And here is a link to our demo for those who get interested
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