As the title says, I've been lurking around here for a while picking up tips and tricks. I'm a drummer, but recently I've started guitar, I normally get lessons from my friend during band, and I'm starting to get the basics down. I've been playing for a few months now(6), I can play a few songs by AC/DC and Nirvana, but I want to play songs that I really love.
I know I'm not ready, but how do I start playing songs by Periphery, AAL, and TesseracT. I'm really frustrated because I really love these songs, and want to play them. I know I'm not even close to playing them, but what is the best way to start? Also I've only got a friends acoustic to play, so what are some options for an affordable but quality guitar and amp/pedal setup for Periphery/AAL mostly. I have been looking at some Ibanez RG/Agile Spad models.
I appreciate any help, Thanks!
Well like Jack said, amongst all the condescension, one way to go is to find a tab and learn it like that, or figure it out by ear. And there's a whole slew of videos/online lessons/teachers out there. It probably won't go as fast as you'd like, but it's progress.

As for an affordible but not-too-horrific guitar/setup, roughly how much are you willing to spend?
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what a stupid question. you start by either finding a tab or playing around with notes by ear and then playing it over and over just like any other song. i want to play like buckethead but its not like i can click my fingers and do it. Once you think you have the capabilities to play songs like periphery, then learn and practice.

Everybody has to start somewhere and it can be confusing on where to look nowadays, what with a million different lessons, videos, etc.

My advice, learn some basic theory first, try to learn everything by ear, learn to read sheet music. If a tab exists of it, go for it, but understand the limitations of tablature .

Lastly, I can understand wanting to go straight to metal and teh br00tz, but give other genres a try and listen, it will broaden your skills as a guitarist and musician, and will make you much more desirable when it comes to being in a band, rather than the dime-a-dozen metal guitarists out there, nowadays.
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I'm hoping to keep it around 500-700$, but may increase somewhat if necessary.
Though I love listening to nearly every genre, jazz and metal are my favorites. I'm pretty good with most drumming, at least by my standards, and I hope to do this with guitar.
Thanks guys.
Guitarbaddie jsut gave you some good advice. And $5-7 is a good budget for just a guitar, but a whole setup might be a little more expensive. After all, a killer guitar isn't much without a decent amp.

An important part of picking out aguitar is it's feel. If you have a local guitar shop around you, you should go find a few guitar somewhere in your price range, and see which one feels like the right choice for you. Sounds kinda cheesy right? Well it is. Deal with it.

And as for pedals/amps, I'm no expert, but try checking out some reviews here on UG. Your bound to find something worthwhile. Just remember that low price doesn't neccessarily mean poor quality. You'd be surprised. Or maybe not.
Thanks guys, I'm going to check out guitar center, and see if I can't pick something up today, I've been watching demos and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a Pod HD.