Nice song, but like you've written, the mix is a bit rough, you should definitely fix that. Rhythm guitar sounds nice, though I've got impression like it was a bit out of tune, but maybe because of the mix, I don't know, but sound you chose is great, there's no doubt about it.

As for other things they sound nice too, but the song itself sounds to me more like a rock rather than pop punk, though it has some punkish vibe, but whatever, it's not so important. Keep it up

And if you want you can check my song:
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Nice song dude, definetly is not my style of music, but still really nice .
well you have already mentioned about the mix ,but i am want to give you some advices. turn down the bass, may be, you were searching for that kind-of vintage style of recording, but the bass is dominating the entire mix, and it sounds muddy, the guitar is sightly out of tune, you have some fluctuations of volumen in your vocals and it seems that you are out of tempo from time to time. however you doing well keep working
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"Spreads Her Love Around": Sounds rather 60's, which is fine by me. The single note guitar sounds a bit flat pitch-wise to me. Other than that it sounds good to me! Vocals are good, as is everything else. Good song! "Runaway": good song, though I think I like the other song a bit better. No flat guitars in this one. Vocals are pretty good. Lead guitar reminds me of the Kinks (good). Please review my music at this link:

It's enjoyable. Played all while doing other stuff, didn't feel the need to click back and change it.
I really like it. I love the fact it sounds a bit chaotic but it's definitely like it's meant to. Sound quality could be a bit better, but all in all really good. Well done