Hello UG!

I know that it must seem like all I do is ask and don't contribute, but I again ask for your assistance again.

I just started learning to intonate my guitar correctly and I have to say this is going to save me a chunk of money in the future. But alas, I want to know more such as when to adjust the truss rod and how to do that and when to adjust the action on my guitar.

See I plan on putting on a heavier gauge set of strings than what I have now (52-10) and dropping down to drop B.

So what all would I need to adjust. Keep in mind I have an Ibanez ART100 and where the strings come through and the saddles both have screws on either side for adjusting. So how should I go about this? Thanks in advance!
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look at the first post of the setup thread and
see if that makes sense for you.

it explains how to do these minor setups.

questions can be asked in there.
or ill check back in this thread again if you want.

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they are a lot easier to maintain than most people think they are. changing tuning and string gauge will require a full setup, likely including a truss rod adjustment and than the intonation.

i set up the ones i play with every six to nine months probably. strings i change every three months (they last good with me, some people they wont).

don't over oil a fretboard. do not soak it. maybe just a little bit once a year or so.


i know its not maintenance i highly recommend strap-locks. i like schaller, but there are other options. but i have used schaller for 10 years and never had any issue at all.
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the dan erlewine book is pretty good
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