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My impoverish friends (two brothers and a sister) have managed to score a coperate sponsorship for 20,000 US. Its a wonderful instance of good things happening to good (and immensely talented) people. I dont feel like getting into the details but I've been put in charge of choosing the equipment for them.

So the younger of the brothers wants a new guitar. He has a dean razorback but seeing as it was the family act (top 40 stuff) that scored this sponsership performing at an upperclass event with a razorback doesnt fit. We're going with a custom agile LP and a pickup swap.

Now, theres a lot of other stuff they need so as such we're sticking with regular pickups like duncan and dimarzio, no BKP's.

Now, even though he wants a classy guitar he's still a metal head and needs a pickup combo that can deliver on that front while being versatile enough to take into a random session and lay down a pop song.

Note: The electronics will be modded right away to allow for split coils. Thats the advantage of having a private guitar tech, boo ya!

PS: There is an option for a chambered version. I know as well as anyone that hollowbodies cant handle too much gain but I have no experience with chambered guitars with no f holes. Do these react to gain better than traditional semi/hollowbodies?
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I'm no expert on pickups, but I have a chambered LP. There's no glaring difference, just a bit of resonance, less sustain... I like it better than solid bodies, they break your back.
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Duncan JB/59 combo.
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Quote by Eppicurt
Duncan JB/59 combo.

Yeah basically this. JB in the bridge. 59 in the neck. Versatile as hell.
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Suhr Doug Aldrich set.

Not sure how they are with split coils but in my opinion they are better than the JB/59 combo. (which I had previously)
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Quote by Wisthekiller
a JB/JN combo.

Do it.

In all seriousness, it's nice, I haven't tried the Dimarzio combo recommended but the JB/JN is really good with a ton of versatility in it.
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Quote by Eppicurt
Duncan JB/59 combo.

Might as well.

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haven't seen you around for a while- nice to see you back. Congrats to your brother and sisters on the sponsorship, too.

i'm not too fussed on a JB in a les paul style guitar- i'd maybe go with a custom 5 instead? '59 for the neck is a good call, though.
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That should be versatile enough to cover a lot of grounds.

I'm not really a fan of the JB in a mahogany body, maybe SH14 Custom 5 bridge instead, that should balance well with an all mahogany body & Pearley Gates or '59 in the neck.
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Quote by Dave_Mc

i'm not too fussed on a JB in a les paul style guitar- i'd maybe go with a custom 5 instead? '59 for the neck is a good call, though.

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Duncan Custom in the bridge, '59 or Jazz in the neck.
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