I haven't played guitar more than once or twice a month over the last several years.. I want to get back in to it, and want to buy a looper to have fun with. Does anyone have any recommendations? There are so many to choose from now.. Back when I played a lot, there was only a Boss and Digitech one, but I couldn't afford to spend that kind of money back then.

I'd like to spend no more than about $200, but if something for $250 offers a lot more bang, then I will fork out the extra 50 bucks.

i was actually researching this quite a lot while ago and there still weren't really any proper good pedals except for digitech and boss.
Namely that would be digitech jam man solo/stereo and Boss RC-3 (and RC-30 and RC-300)
The Solo is mono, stereo and RC-3 are stereo. Feature wise they're pretty similar, they all support connecting to the computer and actually storing your loops there. You can even put like whole backing tracks in them to play along. I think the jam man also had a SD card slot and i really wanted to buy it (haven't bought it in the end cuz of lack of funds)

Apart from those, there's also the Vox Lil Looper, which seems to be a little bit cheaper (at least in europe) also has some built-in effects, but it lacks the possibility of storing your loops or connecting to a computer.
A single pedal looper is a pain in the ass. Get a dual pedal, makes it much funner to use. You might wanna check out the zoom g3. It has a very easy to use looper and a ton of other things for bedroom practice
well you can also get a separate 3-button footswitch for the digitech to ease up the use of it.
Also you can't really compare the features of the looper in G3 with a proper looper pedal. Of course it all depends on what do you want from it.
Do you -only- want a looper? If you're willing to spend as much as $250 I would recommend the TC Electronic Flashback X4, which is primarily a delay but also seems to have a very good looper function. 40 seconds loop time with controllable level, and a looper that can incorporate delay (or not - you decide).
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See if you can find a used boomerang, ultra easy to use.
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Boss RC-3 is in your price range for sure, as is the JamMan solo/stereo. Moving up to the Boss RC-30 adds the advantage of multi-track capability. The JamMan has the advantage of using an SD card, so you can have a lot more onboard storage. The RC-3 only has 2 Gb onboard storage and no way to expand that. However, with 2Gb and 99 memories, you probably wont need any more. If your good with loopers, and can play along with them real easily, I'd highly recommend the RC-30 for overall capabilities, but I think they go for around $300.00. Having the ability to store multiple tracks like one for rhythm guitar and another for drums (drum machine or whatever) is real nice.