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So i tried cranking up the amp to 10 volume to see what happened with distortion(Its a Fender Frontman 15w). I perfectly blocked all guitar strings(because i wanted to hear every nuance of open guitar strings on distortion) and suddenly the amp started making some "ahhh" noise without me opening or fretting any string. I lowered the volume and the "ahhh" persisted through non distorted, low, clean volume. After a minute it went away - but what was that??
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It was your little practice amp screaming from the pain you just put it through.

Those amps are really not ment to be turned up all the way, and if you do they sound like crap.
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Did it sound like this? Skip to about 1:50.

If it did, it's basically just the sound waves from your amp hitting your strings and making them vibrate.
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hahaha, I do that to mine all the time to screw with it. Makes some nice spaceship noises with a chorus on and a wah.

If it persistently hisses afterwards you've broken it and it'll never sound the same again. that's what happened to my frontman. I don't recommend this at all.