Hey !

I have to to a research at school (30 pages) and I decided to do it about movie scores and soundtracks as i hope to be one day a score writer myself.

The problem is, the topic is too wide and it needs to be more specific.
The more scientific and concrete, the better and easier it would be.

So can you give me some ideas to write about ?
I thought of Hollywood films, Hans Zimmer, importance of soundtracks .

Thank you !!
roast on the dark knight rises soundtrack, i haven't seen it but everybody here was roasting on it
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How themes and motifs are developed in a particular film.

My dissertation is on the music in Jurassic Park.
You could write about how the change from silent movies to talkies altered the way we view movies, and how conventions from the pre-sound era (to cope with the lack of dialogue) had, and perhaps still have, their impact on the movie's score.
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Check out Clint Mansell. Everyone knows him from Requiem For A Dream, but Moon would not have been the same film without his incredible soundtrack to it
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Maybe write something up on the early influences of current trends in contemporary film scores? Give a listen to Igor Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring' and Claude Debussy's 'La Mer' - The amount that has 'borrowed' from both of those in recent film music is beyond counting (my first reaction to the Rite of Spring was 'ZOMG JAWS!!1!').

Then potentially work your way up to the present day? They're also pretty awesome pieces of music in their own right, so should make for some fun research!
Research how much of an impact Ennio Morricone had on the music for Westerns.
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Research how much of an impact Ennio Morricone had on the music for Westerns.

that one's just too easy, though. doesn't metallica even use ecstasy of gold life?
modes are a social construct