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I'm thinking about getting a new Squire VM Jazz V or Sterling SUB ray5 (my used market doesn't have anything good at the moment).

My current bass is a MIJ Ibanez SR800. Are these basses at least equal to quality to my Ibanez? I don't want to get something that's lesser than my current bass.
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No. An sr800 is an INFINITELY superior bass. Maybe a SR305 or above would suit?
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A MIJ is a pricey instrument, usually of very high qualty.

I doubt that many non US or Jpn made instruments will in the end satisfy you.

While my Korea Basses are duplicates of the Japanese one I own, there are little nuances that are not the same, but they all keep me very happy.

Look back to Ibanez. Decide your string spacing and bolt on v. neck through, they have some great things to offer, especially some used ones in my book. If the Fender Style is something you need for a Gig, do find a used instrument, MIJ is tough competition.
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Quote by Sliide90027
A MIJ is a pricey instrument, usually of very high qualty.

Good quality, yes. Pricey, no. You can find SR800's used for under $300 all day long.

TS, if you like your SR800 you can always look for a used Ibanez 5 string SR. SR885's aren't particularly expensive, and if you're willing to spend more your options open up even more. If you want any useful suggestions beyond the Squier VM or SBMM SUB though we'll need to know what your budget is, and if there is anything in particular that you're looking for.
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I have around $400 at the moment. I'm interested in anything with a j or humbucker pickup configuration. My local shop just got two MIA jazz basses for $700 and $800. I might save up for one of those.

I figured the Squier and Sub were around the quality of my sr800 because they cost more than what I spent on it.

The sr885 looks great, but I'm looking for something different in terms of appearance.
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You could pick up a T40 for that price any day of the week.
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Country of manufacture doesn't mean a whole lot anymore, there's amazing stuff coming out of China, Korea, Indonesia and etc as well as the US, Japan and Europe. Try and look away from what's on the headstock and the "made in" sticker and see the instrument itself.
If you're looking at the Sterling SUB do yourself a favor and save up that bit extra for the Ray35, between them and the US made EBMMs there genuinely is a miniscule amount of difference.
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Find an Ibanez SR885. I just got one today and it's lovely (and has a 2Tek bridge! :O)
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Quote by red_hot_chili18
Ibanez BTB 5 Strings are amazing aswell

I have owned 3 BTB **5's

Now I have 2.

I also Have 2 BTB 6's

Yes I love them. They are definitely inspiring to me and all I am interested in playing and see them as the Poor and Reasonable Man's Ken Smith.

I did not want to be accused of anything regarding this choice of mine, but I believe that their 400 and 450 series Bolt ons are the Best thing they ever made sonically.

While my 22 year wait to play a top of the Line K. Smith was anti-climactic, the Bolt on with TOL Electronics was definitly equally inspiring, but at $3.5K, well I am out, it is not that inspiring. (IMHO I believe Ken wrote the Book on this, and yes I played a Fodera and many other basses, and there was no Joy, no inspiration for me, certainly no $5K's worth).

A Little patience and finding a used decent condition 405 or 455 and then a great set up job with sub 1mm on the High and sub2mm on the LowB, and I believe one can be VERY happy.

I am disappointed with Ibanez because these are Modern Classics. Nothing needs to change but the hardware.

I cannot buy a new replacement for them if something happens to them, and would have to go to Ken Smith to have any confidence in a replacement.

Yes, I have tried MV Pedula, Tobias, Warwick, MM, EB, Bongo, Fender, Fbass, Lackland, Fodera, steinberge, Alembic...sorry, no joy. Even the New BTB's do not make me want to take them home.

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