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Can a brother get a crit?
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Check out the first one, the others wouldn't load for some reason. Pretty shredding guitar for a hip hop band. I guess the guy from The Roots shreds too though, eh. Like the fusion of styles, not just hip hop. Didn't expect the singing to come in as high, but I dug.

Check us out if you want, we got a high singer too. And a pretty funny well shot music video.
It's an electro/funk/rock fusion song, with a video parody of Skrillex, Deadmau5, and LMFAO forming a rock band
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P R,
I watched the top video. The acoustic guitar sounds good. I know from experience it is difficult to record a live show. Once the volume exceeds that of the acoustic guitar, the audio starts to distort a fair amount. I would think it probably sounded better at the show than the video (unless the P.A. was distorting). The electric guitar player can play well. Videos such as this are great for memories sake (for the band), though I'd rather hear more of a studio recording. The song itself seems good. Please review my music at this link: