Poll: Should I help my friend out or not?
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Yes, be a good friend
21 23%
No, the publicity officer should do his own work
56 60%
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16 17%
Voters: 93.
My friend is part of some society at university, and he asks me to produce posters for their social events. The thing is, they have a designated publicity officer whose job it is to make this stuff, but he clearly isn't doing shit.

The posters aren't hard to make, but I don't understand why I should be filling for someone who is too lazy to do their assigned job.

Should I help my friend out or not?

EDIT: I don't get paid and I am not a member of the society
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Are you being paid?

The amount of money you are being paid is directly proportional to the amount of effort you should put in.
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No profit...
For once no profit...

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What's in it for you?
Never ignore people when they ask you for help, they have a hope in you, they see a hero in you.

Or they are just abusive.

By not designing the poster, you will be like, a bigger douchebag. Who asks these kind of questions on a guitar-forum?

While by designing the poster you will get; fame and b*tches.
Well, not really, but you'll;
1. Prove your friend that you're someone he can count on and HE will be loyal and more friendly to you
2. Prove the other people of that club that you're a person with some knowledge, they'll be friendly to you
3. Prove the designated publicity officer that he's a loser and you're not. He will just degrade in the view of other people even more.

tl;dr Just do it, that's how nice people are made. Unless you do not want to be "that cool guy"
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Promoting university societies in any way at all? No, you should not, you should try and destroy whatever society it is because it will undoubtedly be full of bellends. As will the rest of your university. Bellends, bellends, bellends. Bellends. Bellends.

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By not designing the poster, you will be like, a bigger douchebag.

Some guy in their society volunteered for the position of the publicity officer. Besides, they have (allegedly) 60 members, none of which apparently know how to use GIMP.

Maybe not helping is a bit douchey of me, but am I really the bigger douchebag for refusing to do someone else's work?
Make posters, put wrong date on every poster.
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How much of a favour will this be for your friend? How much will they appreciate it?
I'm sure they will pay you back somehow.

Then again, how much are you going to gain from this? Is the cost of doing this worth the benefits?
Depending on how much you like the friend, and how much effort it is, I'd say yeah, do it - they'll owe you one.
easy, do them, with a condition of putting :
designed by "fill your name" on the add, this may open a window for payed designs later from other entities.
If it's not too much effort then you might as well do it, but if it's too much or you suspect it'll become too much work don't do it. You don't want to make a commitment and realise you can't/don't want to handle it and go back on your word.

Is your friend actually helping you with it or has he set this task alone? I probably wouldn't be inclined to do it if it's the latter.
Do you have the time and resources and know-how? If yes yes and yes, why not? That's how connections are made. If you're putting yourself out to do it, though, just be honest, you don't have time/whatever you don't have.


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Use the time you would put in to make the posters to show the others how to use the program. That way the onus is no longer on you and, you can offer to help them out when needed in the future.
yeah do it for your mate
not going viral

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Is "university society" a fancy way of saying fraternity? Do it as part of a quid pro quo. Maybe they let you come to their parties or smthn.
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Is "university society" a fancy way of saying fraternity? Do it as part of a quid pro quo. Maybe they let you come to their parties or smthn.

No, it's just a group of people with common interests. I don't think we have fraternities here in the UK. Either way, I don't go to parties.
Do it this one time and tell your friend he owes you one and that he needs to have a talk with the original poster guy about responsibility. If he asks again then feel free to show him the door, upon which you will have taped some vouchers for some yoga classes where he can learn how to go and **** himself.
I'd do it for my own gain. If you're trying to get a name out in design, TS, this could be an opportunity to build a portfolio.