What u guys think, about the mix, riffing etc ?


Also if someone is interested in a youtube collaboration I recently did, check out this song about Lord of the rings:
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Pretty heavy, well done. Guitar playing is tight, riffs are good (though not keen on the high riff at 4:30). Vocals are pretty good! Drums are good. Mix is good, though the vocals are a little dry effects-wise most of the time, but many will probably disagree with me. I would have made it a bit shorter, but rather good overall. Please review my music at this link:

I like it a lot. Even that evil satanic harmony at around 4 min in. Sets up the riffs right after it IMO. Vocals sound very iron maiden. Good stuff.

Edit: Ok well I feel dumb. I clicked on your YouTube vid with the song you did about lord of the rings. Let me listen to the right song this time. XD
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That crushes! Love the riffage and the tempo changes, the solo at the end is very clean. I thought the mix was a tad lacking in the bass department though, at first I thought my sub was too quiet but I plugged in some headphones and it still seemed a bit empty. Great song though.

EDIT: That paragraph was about the song in Soundcloud link at the beginning of your post, I also just listened to that LOTR inspired one and am also impressed.

Feel like giving my newest a listen? Tried to record something bass heavy to test out the capabilities of the new setup. More interested in crit for the tone as opposed to the song itself.

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So after listening to the right file, that was ****ing epic. Seriously, the only crit is the bass. It sounds like a programmed bass line. The riffs ****ing owned though good job.