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Thanks m8! I guess u need Pro tools for that? Any other suggestions? Because i use Reaper.
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Ugh... reaper... the tempo/score meter thing for it's grid is confusing. I much prefer protools. Whatever works best for you though.

The vst plugin might be compatable in other DAW... I could be wrong though. Otherwise I have no idea man. I suggest you get protools anyway honestly. It's a lot easier to use, and has tons of great plugins.
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Here's what I'd change - I'd add some reverb on those drums in the beginning as it's kinda like they are being cut off, not very drastically but you get the point. The piano could be improved but it is decent. Then the riff kicks in - man that shit's heavier than YO MOMMA! Jk lol, but it's seriously heavy and I love the way you mixed it all together. It sounds really tight. I'm digging this. Another great thing is your lead tone, most of these original recordings that people put up here have nice or atleast decent rhythm tones but their leads usually sound very artificial, yours is somewhat warm. Would love to hear the finished version of this!