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Heres another instrumental, aimed to be part of my solo guitar career :P

Hope you like it as much as the last one.



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Something post-apocalyptic about the intro - that low chord on the synth. Good vibe. Nice volume swells. Not sure the first guitar solo really fits, or whether it's needed at all. The mood was getting along fine anyway. Second solo seems to make more sense but could be a little more reverb to fit in with the ambience. On first listen all the accidentals are a bit hard to swallow but you'd get used it after a while.

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Loving the swells, they fit in really nicely here. And the solo sections were cool too, I don't usually listen to this kind of stuff but this was some fresh air to my ears. I'd change a couple of things here though - I'd put some reverb on the drums, this way they would sound more distant and would fit in better in the mix as the guitars already sound pretty distant. And I'd add some simple bass guitar lines, I think it would improve the overall sound. Otherwise, this is pretty nice!

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The intro was a bit cheesey. Sounds like something I'd hear in an 80s movie, I dunno. The intro was a tad long and didn't really seem to go anywhere until the solo came in, which was a nice change of pace. Too much of the song sounds like background music though, which isn't bad if that is what you were going for. I'd work on having more defining sections. The song never really progresses too much.

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