so i just had my 18ft fender cable die after having it for a few years (after thinking my guitar was causing all the noise, i plugged in with a really short cable and determined that it was my long cable that was the issue)

so i'm looking to get either 1 or 2 cables. currently the only cable i have left is a 5ft cable. and becuz of that, i was forced to sit on top of my amp and run the guitar into my TS and then connect the TS to the amp with a patch cable....

i think i'm looking for either two 10' cables or a 10' and a 15'. any reccomendations? nothing crazy expensive but i'm after quality and longevity
Livewire, cheapest cables I've found with lifetime warranty. I have a couple and they've served me well, never had a problem.
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what is considered to be a long life span for cables? i rarely gig, mostly home use and it would leave the house maybe 10 times a year
I don't know, I never gig. I'd say it depends on how you use them. Livewire has a no questions asked warranty, so, doesn't matter how long they last. Once they break, you get them replaced for free.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Just get the cable that appeals the most to you that has a lifetime warranty. As long as it has that warranty, you should be fine. Any company that puts a warranty like that on their cables are going to make cables that last, or they would lose money with the warranties because they would give away more free replacements than they would sell new ones.
+1 to livewire. Its what I have used. In three years, still have all the same cables. Low noise. Nice cables.
Do the lifetime warranties on Livewires work for just Guitar Center? I've only ever brought my livewire cables to be replaced to Guitar Center since that's where I heard it was accepted.
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I've been using some of the same Livewires for 5+ years, haven't even had to use the warranty. Absolutely the best cables I've found for cheap.
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I mean, I've got one of the more expensive Monster Cables that's 21 feet long and I've had it for 4-5 years with no problems yet, I have a standard grade one that I got from a friend about 6 years ago, and he had it for years before that, and I have about 4 patch cables from them that are probably 2 or 3 years old. No issues yet. Like I said, if they have a lifetime warranty, they're going to be good quality. The company would go under really fast if they offered free replacements on cables that shit out constantly. They would give away more than they sold, especially once word got around that their cables sucked. The more expensive Monster Cables probably aren't worth it, as I've never heard a sound difference, but then again, my older cable is much shorter than my new one ( I think the older one is 10 feet at the most, I think it's shorter, though) and the newer one (more expensive one) is 21 feet. I would say that if I didn't notice a difference, that means the more expensive one has less treble bleed.

Most people are going to give you anecdotes like this, though and say "BUY THIS CABLE BECAUSE I DO" when in all reality, as long as the cable appeals to you and your budget and has a lifetime warranty, you're going to be satisfied and have little issues.