Hello friends, I was wondering if anyone was interested in starting an e-band. I'm looking to do rock n roll baby. I can do guitar and programming, I have Pro-Tools to record. Now who wants to rock with me?
i could be a second (lead?) guitarist. if u need one. hit me back. im into funk, blues, and hard rock, mainly.
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Hi. I am a singer and have been singing for a very long time. In school I won awards and I have since then never started or been in a band but I think it's time. I managed bands for many years but I have the talent to be in one myself.

So how do we go about doing this? Do you need for me to send you a demo song?


Hey everybody, I forgot I posted this but I still want to get this going. If you are all in then we should figure out how to go about doing some songs depending on what everyones preferences are. Just get back to me, thanks.