so a while back I was poking around my profile and started filling out all the info to try t get near that 100% profile completion thing. never really finished it. In the process I filled in my email, birthday and all, that stuff asked in the prof.

problem is that somehow my youtube account was tracked all the way to this UG account. I have no idea how since theres no real info that google can relate these 2 accounts with. This person who tracked my account has been a little offensive with emails and spreading my name and email on youtube accounts. the reason hes doing this is apparently because I called him a troll -.-

anyway I learned my lesson and I have no interest in sharing my info on my profile. I wish it to remain public though. any way to block out parts of my prof like my email and name and college?
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Edit your profile and just delete that info. Or replace it with fake info.
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There is no way to block out any part of a public profile, so just take out what you don't want to be seen.

Filling out your email (I'm assuming you mean with AIM, MSN, etc.) contributes absolutely nothing to profile completion, so just leave it out.

The 'My School' part does contribute, but if you don't care about it anymore, just take that out as well.

Its the name part that confuses me. Your actual name is neither asked for, nor displayed anywhere (unless you herp derped your username like me) on this site. Obviously, it contributes nothing to profile completion unless you mean the 'About Me' section, which you don't have to put your name. So if you have it anywhere on this site, just take it out. Hopefully you didn't mean your UG name, because there is no helping in that department.

I'm thinking you get the message by now.

Edit: I forgot to mention: Surely you know Google owns YouTube, forcing users to sign up/in with a Gmail email. So if the email you listed here was a Gmail, then this is probably why you were tracked.
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