I wanted to ask someone about presets... I can`t get my POD farm/guitar rig 5 sound like I want
I want to play three days grace - animal I have become, but can get proper sound.. Could someone help me out with this?
Sorry if I wrote in wrong board..
You won't be getting any virtual amp sounding like an album without a bunch of different cabinet impulses, mic placements and post processing. Maybe the POD can sound good but it'll still require a lot of tweaking. I suggest using other peoples presets.

It sucks but at least you can get somewhat usable tones.
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Avoid falling into the trap of trying to make a guitar sound like an entire mix, possibly with overdubbed tracks. Can't be done. If you can find the guitar track alone, and provide a sample of your tone playing the same stuff, people can point you in the right direction if the problem isn't immediately obvious.