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Staring at the wall, my eyes closed
A wave of intelligence flows through me
As soon as it arrived, its gone
Like a dream,
Im left to fend for on my own

An aura of solitude circles my head
The voices I hear floating above me
Im searching for a light ahead
A blinding light,
I follow a hoard of the undead

In a daze I follow my eyes
Everything I perceive is a blur
A sudden knock on the window
Cant wake me,
Coz im stranded and cant let go

I search for a sign of life
But no more than what I create
Like a safe haven I hold
The beautiful people,
Their tales of bravery forever untold

A soft tap upon my shoulder
My train of thought disturbed
Just for a moment im sane
I linger awhile
Then pushed back to my own world again

im open to suggestions
criticism appreciated ..peace..