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So this crackhead stole my bass amp. grrr. And the band I'm in wants me to play rythym guitar now, and I have no guitar amp. I have a Fender Bassman 400H amp I can fix, and I have a PA.All theeffects I have are bass stuff though. So, do you guys like my idea?

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It sounds alright so far, though when I play really high notes or use the pitch bend effect, u get this crazy alien sound. And even though it's bass equipment, the low end leaves a little to be desired. Plenty of midrange cut though. Any kind words, or hateful spiteful keyboard lamentations?
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Get a guitar amp.
whats your budget?city?style of music?new or used?
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In the mean time, the GT-8B will do what you need to do just fine. In the mean time, save up. Good luck man, sorry to hear about your misfortune.

The "alien sound" is just tracking issues during a pitch bend. That occurs when the processor, in effect, can't keep up with real time bending.
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chuck knuckles
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oh ya, alien thing sounds kinda cool. and its speedy death thrash drunk metal. fun stuff. it gets so ****in loud now. ready to murder.