So my guitar teacher suggested that I download a metronome that plays drum beats instead of beep beep beep beep...

Well, I've been looking around and all I've found is a metronome that plays either the high hats, toms, snare, or kick at the specified speed. What he showed me were actual drum beats that could sound like from a song and then the overall bpm could be manipulated.

Does anyone know what that is, and where I could find it?

i'd invest in FL studio, or even guitar pro. the sound quality isn't really an issue with just metronome stuff, so a tablature program or simple DAW will give you all that power and more.
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I use TuxGuitar, it's free, and works just fine. You can also export the beats to MIDI if that's what you want.
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hmm, I have that on my linux partition...is it hard to make drumbeats with?

It's fairly simple, you just need to learn which number corresponds to which drum. After that, it's easy.