Nowadays I'm really happy when I can play on the guitar as my whole daily routine ****** up due I moved to my father. In the past I practiced 2-3 hours a day, but now I have to travel a lot, I arrive home really tired and I also need to do other things like learning for the college, socialize, etc. And I have to finish th whole thing at 8:00 PM because my brother sleeping pattern, alrought a much louder TV is fine even at midnight. On a week there's minimum 1 day when I can't play any guitar. My weekend is almost fully free, but often interrupted by sudden things, also I can't play non-stop at the weekend. On the rest, it's hard to achieve the two hour playing, mostly I did some drum programming after 8:00 PM, and my brother almost never leaves me alone.

My plan is to get some money with working as a programmer (I'll also learn some programming with it) at weekends. First I save some money for a better guitar (Ibanez RG570 or RG550, none of them is horribly expensive), but with my calculations I can leave my father behind at the start of December. But I noticed that I got a bit worse since the end of August (note skipping, etc.). How much my skills would degrade that time? I don't want to learn how to play fast again as I can play fast arpeggios even if I can't really use them at improvising.
Well i wouldnt say the skill would degrade but executing them cleanly would be effected...You will be rusty as all get out if you arent keeping your chops up but your brain would have already learned the skills...just have to polish some dust off.

I go through periods where i dont get to touch my guitars and its only a few weeks of practice until im back to normal...just will be rusty at first!

kind of like a bike...you never forget but if you havent done it in a while im sure you might run into a few trees and eat the pavement:P!

Calluses seem to take a beating when you arent practicing for a long period of time
which could easily make you sloppy sense you are having to press a bit harder than usual.

you'll be alright!
I was away from home 5 days at a time so after about 4 months of that I noticed a slight drop in fluidity. But being back at home I can practice all day now, which is nice. Just some chromatic scales added to your startup routine at a slow comfortable pace should help to limber your tendons up. Trust me the arpeggios are going to be useless until you can use them in accordance with your style and not sound sloppy. Maybe you should take your time to invest in trying to incorperate them into your playing? You'll have to play slow anyways.

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