So for the past while, I've owned a 2nd generation iPod touch and a terrible Motorola flippy-phone. The iPod just stopped working beyond repair a few minutes ago, and the phone is terrible in itself. So with that, I've decided to get a smartphone. Blackberry is out, because overall I just dislike them.
This leaves me with a few options. The only reason I'm considering an iPhone is because I have all the connector cables, I have my entire music collection on iTunes, and my stereo system has an iPod dock. On the other hand, it's an iPhone.
Then there are Androids and HTCs, which come highly recommended by my friends and people in general.
So help my decide.
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Look for a used deal, i just got a blackberry for $80, kind of annoying phone, but it actually works great for what I paid
The iPhone 5, 5th gen iPod have a different connector cable. So if you go for an iPhone it will have to be 4s or older.

EDIT: Unless you don't mind switching to the newer cables


$350 without being tied down to a contract, the best version of Android you can get + updates for life. Completely unlocked and free to do what you want with it.

Stock Jelly Bean makes this thing the best stock Android phone on the market.
There are so many great smartphones out there. My suggestions would be the Sony arc s or the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The latter being outstanding but then also quite pricy.

The HTC's are also superb.

Whats yer price range?

Just dont go for an IPhone. Unless you like paying 3x what its actually worth.
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I really don't get why so many people hate blackberry, I have one and it's great! Not as flash as an iPhone sure, but it's handy enough for me. But yeah, to contribute to this, I've heard great things about HTC phones.
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My HTC ONE x is pretty great. Has a few problems sure, but no one is producing a completely full proof smartphone to my knowledge. They've just released the HTC ONE x +. Maybe have a look at that? They've got huge, awesome screens, really nice cameras in daylight, and battery life is not bad at all. Seriously though, the screens are incredible.
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