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I would think that guy is a jackass and definitely shouldn't do that
183 84%
I would think maybe he shouldn't do that, but it's not so bad
22 10%
I would think it's no big deal at all and it's fine
4 2%
9 4%
Voters: 218.
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Quote by Silent Ranger
The interesting question here is not whether drunk driving is condoned, but rather if it is allowed. How many people who said the dude was a jackass would actually take away his keys. Also how about if someone has been drinking but think that they're fine to drive and you're not sure if they are or not. Would you play it safe an take their keys then to, or would you let them go rather than suffer social stigma?

I would. When my wife and I threw our housewarming party, we had a pretty good collection of keys and about 7 people stayed the night. Others had designated drivers, called someone, or didn't drink barely anything in the first place.
My God, it's full of stars!
It's very easy and understandable to anyone to say "Hey man, I've had too much to drink, don't feel safe driving home tonight, mind if I sleep on your floor and I'll leave in the morning?"

I've never seen a request like this turned down under any circumstance.
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Quote by Dreadnought
I would. When my wife and I threw our housewarming party, we had a pretty good collection of keys and about 7 people stayed the night. Others had designated drivers, called someone, or didn't drink barely anything in the first place.

That is good to hear that people are mart enough to do that.

I posed this because I don't drink and I was in an awkward situation once where my friends were all drinking and I had no idea if they were ok to drive home (keep in mind that I don't drink so I had no prior context of what "drunk" actually looks like). But I felt very uncomfortable telling my friend not to drive because he seemed fine and tbh didn't drink a ton, but enough to make me concerned. In the end my friend who had a few drove home and it wasn't a problem but I wonder if I should have driven him home and just walked to my house (it's less than a mile away).
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Driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being distracted by texting/mobile phones/maps/sat nav is irresponsible and dangerous.

Under UK law, all of the above is illegal but it can't be enforced all the time because it's just not feasible. People who don't understand and acknowledge why it's illegal and dangerous are selfish know-it-alls who think that bad things won't happen to them.
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Quote by Acϵ♠
Not true. This isnt good and im not proud of it, but i was breathalyzed in a parking lot of a restaurant a couple weeks ago. I had 5 18oz pints of beer over about 90 minutes to 2 hours, and finished the last one about 10 minutes before i left. Was having a smoke in my car in the parking lot while calling my friend. Got rolled up on by police, yadda yadda, got breathalyzed. Thought i'd fail for sure even though i was not drunk just based on the amount consumed, but i did not fail. I wasnt even over .05, and the cop told me himself i was not acting drunk nor did i appear drunk. I weigh 175lbs. I walked home that night without getting booked.

Im not advocating driving under the influence, nor am i saying it's ok. But let me be clear. The issue, i mean really the main problem, has never been *drinking and driving*. The problem is *driving drunk*. Lots of people dont know their limits and think they're ok. But one person who drinks 3 beers will hardly feel a thing while someone else drinks 3 beers and is seeing double. This is why people who are so damn quick to jump on someone for drinking and driving is both idiots and pompous, arrogant dicks. Sure, drunk driving is awful and lots of loved ones have been tragically injured or killed by a drunk driver. But fuck you and shut the fuck up if you're just going to act like a superior cock when you hear that someone had a couple then drove.

Time. If they'd tested you an hour later you'd have been over, I can almost guarantee it.

And I agree. I'm not saying oh my god never ever drink and drive. I've driven home after a pint because I'm under the limit and a pint has pretty much 0 effects on me. It was more a comment of technically, especially here where the limit is 0.05%, 2 pints would be enough alcohol to put someone over even if they didn't feel it, so if they did get caught, I have no sympathy because they've drunk enough to get caught
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